price guide


The is a General Price Guide and based on items that are clean and in good condition, plus size and design of item. Items with excessive damage which need additional preparation time will incur additional costs. Prices are approximate and are an estimate, you will be given a quote before any work is carried out. Discounts are available for large orders. We also specialise in custom paints such as candys and pearls, however these require additional prep work and are more expensive and so will increase the prices below. We have only added a few films to our site due to the vast amount of films available. If you can’t find what you like on our webpage give us a call or email us, as we can get hold of all films available in the UK. Also if you need inspiration take a look at our Facebook page

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We can dip any item made of any material as long as it is able to be painted and submerged in liquid. This is by no means a complete list of items that can be processed. Prices will depend on condition, film design and any specialist paint finishes. Please email or message us on Facebook with your requirements and any photos you have.  Although we can only give you a quote until we have seen the part in person. 

Car Parts

– Engine Covers from £80

– Trim Pieces from £30.00 per item

– Grilles from £60

– Badges from £25

– Mirror Covers from £65 per pair

– Motorcycle Tanks from £160

– Mudguards from £75

Wheels include any minor scuffs and repairs plus prep, prime and base coat. Any damage which needs welding or straightening will need to be repaired before sending to us:

Wheels are from £70 each

Motorbike wheels from £130 each

Outdoor Equipment

Rifles from £110.00

Gun Stocks from £80.00

Silencers from £25.00

Barrels from £40.00

Scopes from £55.00

Scope Mounts from £20.00

Buddy Bottles from £40.00 depending on size

Paintball Marker – Body from £50

Paintball Marker – Barrels from £25

Paintball Hopper – from £45

Please note that all guns should be dismantled and cleaned/degreased before sending them to us otherwise we will be forced to charge for time taken. Generally modern scopes are waterproof, however we cant accept responsibility for any fogging after the dip process, it is entirely at the owners risk*

Fishing gear

Reels from £45.00

Rods from £55.00

Bite Alarms from £25.00 each

Electrical Goods

Game Controllers from £30.00 each

Game Consoles from £50.00 Laptop casings from £50.00

Smart phone covers from £15.00


1. Both sides of neck and body £160

2. Both sides of body £120

3. Face of body and neck £100

4. Face of body £90

5. Scratchplate £50

Water ski’s

From £120