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Who are Hydrodip Designs?

Hydrodip Designs are a hydrographics company based in Weston super mare, Nr Bristol. We specialise in custom coatings using a combination of hydrographics and professional paint spraying techniques. This gives that unique look to almost anything. With years of experience in this field and paint spraying as we come from an automotive back ground it means our clients receive a professional service at all times. Our customer base is constantly growing as are our portfolio of films and customised items.

Hydrodip on Bike Rear Fender

What is Hydrodipping?

Hydrodipping is also known as Hydrographic printing or Water transfer printing. It is a method of applying printed designs from a special Hydro film onto 3 dimensional objects.

Hydrodipping is also known under the following names –

Carbon dipping.
Camo dipping.
Cubic printing.
Custom dipping.
Immersion printing.
Liquid printing.
Curve coating.
Cubic printing.
3D printing.

We can Hydrodip almost anything –

Car parts including Wheels to whole Dashboards.
Motorbike parts.
Snow gear.
Game controllers.
Computer consoles.
Fishing gear.
Bike frames and parts.
Even aeroplanes…the list is endless !!!

Make it unique with us at hydrodip-design. Some of previous work can be seen on our Gallery Page.

Hydrodip on a Guitar

Engine bay had the Hydrodip treatment.

Designs & Applications

There are many different film designs available. Including the popular carbon fibre or camouflage effects. The fabulous and more bizarre such as flames, skulls or even wood effects!!!
We are constantly adding new design films to our range. The latest being a chrome film and as with Hydrographics we will be able to apply this coating to virtually any hard surface that can be painted. This includes wood, plastic and alloy wheels. The chrome effect can also be tinted to become gold and the finish on both these effects is AMAZING!!! A large selection of the films available can be found on our Design Patterns Page. Although please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for more designs as they become available.

Hydrodip on a VW Transporter Dash